Why You Should Never Travel
Without Travel Insurance

To help ensure that you will be able to obtain your travel documentation, the instant travel insurance quotes widget above will provide you with a travel insurance policy that meets your needs as well as the needs for your documentation and trip.

You may think that travel insurance could be a scam, or think about why you would need it. Many people have the same concerns about why they would want to buy a policy. Frequent international travelers understand the need and if you are going to be traveling a lot, you may find out why many of them will never leave home without it.

When you’re traveling to new countries, there is a chance you could get sick from the food or water or even an animal bite and need hospitalization to prevent serious issues for the future. Sometimes things get stolen and in the worst case scenarios you could hurt yourself or be involved in an accident and end up in the hospital long term. What you may not realize is that your own health insurance back home may not cover you in the countries you are visiting and you could get stuck without treatment or worse, with a huge hospital bill.

There is nothing worse than getting sick or ending up needing medical attention on a trip, except when you find out you are not covered by your insurance. That is only one of the many reasons that we recommend you buy travel insurance before you leave. If something happens, you will be thankful that you did. To get your instant travel insurance quotes and buy a travel insurance policy online, take a quick minute to select the appropriate answers to the questions in the World Nomads widget above and you’ll get an instant travel insurance quote and will be able to buy a policy for your trip.

What happens when you get sick overseas?

A traveller in Georgia (formerly part of the USSR) was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. The local medical facilities were not able to handle this medical event and the decision was made to transfer the patient to another medical facility in Turkey. The patient was transferred by private air ambulance because of the life threatening nature of the condition and was then repatriated back to Australia.

When things go wrong overseas, Worldnomads Travel insurance ensures that you receive the best care, even if it means moving you to another country to receive it. Travel insurance's emergency medical teams liaise directly with you and your family, as well as medical staff on the ground, to make sure you receive immediate treatment.

Medical expenses of U$80,000 were covered

What happens when you need to cancel your flight?

I was booked to fly out on the 18th of July at 8:30pm. Early in the morning on the 18th July, I awoke with a severe fever, coughing, and inability to breathe properly. I went to the doctor later that morning and I was advices that I was unfit to travel as I have a severe chest infection which requires antibiotics and over a week of rest. I cancelled the flight immediately.

Cancellation is an important part of every travel insurance policy. When you buy your policy before you depart, you're covered if your're seriously sick or injured and can not start your trip. Some policies include coverage for pre-booked travel if your trip is interrupted after it starts.

Cancellation cost of A$996 paid

Getting robbed is scary enough, but it's worse if you're not covered

My friend and I were trekking around Italy in this beat-up junker clunker of a van. We were stopped in Casal Borsetti for the evening and sleeping soundly in the back. Around 4 a.m. we were awakened by someone breaking in to the front of the van. Luckily we woke in time to scare them off, but they got away with both of our handbags.

Being robbed is scary enough for anyone, but made even more painful when you can't recoup the cost of your stolen items. With Worldnomads travel insurance, not only can you receive re-imbursement for the cost of stolen items, but you can also submit your claim online, whilst you're travelling. We look to make it easy and quick, so you don't have to wait any longer than necessary to have your claim handled.

Cost of stolen items worth U$640 paid

Adventure sports can be exhilarating, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong

A traveller was snowboarding in Canada and had a very bad accident, suffering a spinal injury. Our emergency teams and local medical staff assisted in getting the patient stabilised, then airlifted to a major hospital for treatment. The specialised spinal treatment was covered by the policy, as was the costs of returning the patient home.

Whether you're into skiing, snowboarding or even white water rafting. Worldnomads provides cover for a wide range of adventure sports, as well as providing travel safety tips through our website, so you know how to stay safe when travelling.

Medical costs in excess of C$150,000 were covered

Worldnomads - we keep you travelling safely.
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