Introduction to Travel Visas

Mention the visa process and most people head for the hills! Or some will smile and think "Woohoo Gucci shoes, tax free items and perchance that authentic Rolex watch. Think again, the visa I speak of is not this type of visa. It's the stamped and approved endorsement you require to gain entry into a foreign country.

Visas are the key to being permitted into another country, without these you will be stranded. These are obtained from embassies or consulates representing the country, or countries you wish to visit. Various visas are available and these are all specifically designed for numerous reasons.

Business visas, tourist, work, education, medical and so forth. Thus you will need to define your specific reason for visiting the nominated country. Perhaps your visit is transitory. Either way, you will require one of these no matter what reason you have. There are actually hundreds of various visas available. A little daunting perhaps, yet if you engage Best Hotels Offer - Passport & Visa Services your worries will be minimal.

Their services are wonderful and will surely assist the novice traveler. Your length of visit will be questioned, as well as where your intended accommodation will be. Often you will also be required to name your hosts, as well as supply their addresses on your documentation.

The intrusion on what many deem as their privacy, often upsets many, yet there is a logical reason for all of this. Considering such things as 9/11, terrorists, as well as diseases, black marketing and indeed pedophiles, kidnapping, child pornography, just to name a few, it is well worth putting up with as well as highly warranted.

Countries need to keep a close eye on their visitors. My opinion is that if you have no intention of doing anything illegal, you have no worries! The government also wishes to ensure that you will not be a burden to them. Thus health wise or risk wise.

Many stress when they need to lodge Visas and passport applications, yet there is nothing to stress about. Yes it can seem a little daunting, yet if you know where to head for excellent assistance you will have nothing to worry about. Many feel a little intimidated when they know they shall be dealing with either the consulate or the embassy. It all makes for a person to feel slightly anxious.

Planning a trip should be an exciting time, not a time to hit the panic buttons. There are indeed numerous travel visa services available. Considering all the ins and outs of getting your visa, you may feel more comfortable and less stresses if you engage one. (Particularly if you are a novice traveler.)

The last thing you need when planning your travels is a migraine and the stress that can so often be the cause of it. This should be a pleasant and exciting time for you, not a time to become frustrated and intimidated by what really is a simple process. Below I shall list what I feel are the essentials you need to known. I do hope they help.

1) Do not take it for granted that the travel agent always knows if you do or don't need a visa for a particular country. A dear friend found out the hard way that people can and do make mistakes. Seek advise from the Best Hotels Offer - Passport & Visa Services. Here you will find so much information. A very informative site indeed.

2) Make your safety the most important issue of your travels. Thus inoculation and your general health, needs to be taken into account, long before you travel.

3) Your passport needs blank pages; the consulates will indeed expect this. (They state two, but just to be sure, it pays to ensure that you have at least half a dozen. More information about this can be found at passport pages sections of Best Hotels Offer website.

4) Ensure that your passport is up to date and will not expire within six months. This is essential and expected, thus it must be more than six months from your date of intended entry. Know that if these requirements are not met, you will be expected to rectify this prior to traveling.

5) You will need passport photos, photo Id such as your license and also some countries will expect documentation back up, as to where you are either intending to study, or work. In Russia for instance, you will need a letter from the education facility if you wish to study there, the same applies for employment of any type. The proposed establishment for employment will be requested to invite you there.

6) Application forms can be a headache, and that is why I urge you to make your visa applications through Best Hotels Offer - Passport & Visa Services. With little fuss and indeed staff who will see you through the application process from start to finish, if required, you will indeed be stress free.
If you need assistance ask, this will entail a fee of approximately $169.95 but I do stress once again how worthwhile the investment will be. There may be sections within the applications that you do not comprehend. This is where they will assist you also.

7) You are usually required to send two passport photos with your application, have extra done just in case. Take note that these must have a white background. Some amateur photographers do not do these properly. Ensure that where you have your pictures taken are qualified for passport shots. Don't risk having everything else ready and your photos vetoed.
Most countries request a travel itinerary, this is basically proof or why you are traveling there, where you plan to stay, and names of hotels or friends who will accommodate you. You will be asked for entry as well as exit dates. These will be included with your travel tickets etc.

8) Photocopy everything which you send to the consulate or embassy. This is a good idea in case something is lost in transit. Don't forget to include the nominal fee, many people have forgotten this and had their application sent back to them at the last minute. Thus you miss the plane or ship.

9) Best Hotels Offer - Passport & Visa Services can see that you gain express return of your application. You can nominate a 3-6 days return or a 24 hour service. You can apply personally which speeds things up, yet this is only if you are within the district of your local embassy. Find out prior to your application as to which means of payment is acceptable. Credit cards are refused more often than not.

10) Last but not least save yourself frustration as well as stress and engage Best Hotels Offer - Passport & Visa Services to do the hard work for you.
It will be well worth it.

Have a Wonderful Trip!

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